Thursday, 28 February 2013

Behind the Scenes...

Last week, long before the sun was to rise, Midtown Plaza's marketing team along with ad agency Createbyfaith were hard at work on the Spring fashion campaign for Midtown Plaza. It seems a little early to be uttering the word Spring, but inside the photo shoot- Spring colours were everywhere you looked. After hours of strategy meetings, concept ideas, and the careful culminating of outfits by the Createbyfaith team;  all these different aspects align themselves in one (very long) day.Working with stylists from  the models were camera ready and ready to *leap* into Spring.

In past years seasonal campaigns have been black and white; allowing the models to pop from the background and showcase the clothes, like in some of our favorite shots below

Fall 2009 

Holiday 2009 

Fall 2010 

In Spring 2013, however, we are are seeing a whole lot of colour. Literally. Shifting from black and white to eye-popping colour the new ad campaign for Midtown is sure get your attention. Take a look at these behind the scenes shots of the process, and the Monaco Blue, Emerald, and Poppy Red hues dominating Spring fashion. 

Monaco Blue

Poppy Red 

What do yout think of the new direction for Midtown? Hit the comments below!

And be sure to watch for the debut of our new campaign springing up everywhere April 1st.

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