Thursday, 14 February 2013

Destination: Vacation!

Birds of a feather flock together, and at this time of year that flocking is typically directed to far away locals. Whether it's to escape to glorious heat, or make the most of that frozen white stuff, February break is a time when family's take off for rest and relaxation. But, before you get ready to frolic on those beaches or careen down those mountains, there are things you need to pick up. Thankfully you can get all of them right here in Midtown Plaza!

F2/ Jock shares our sentiments.. 

Although the ground may be covered with snow, the styles inside are warm weather ready! 

Stylish swimwear, cover ups and more for the whole family are in store at Swim Co.  

More than just swimwear, SwimCo. has all the accessories you and your family need for a memorable vacation. 

If your February break is more inclined to see you jetting down a mountain, rather than jetting off to Mexico, then be sure to stop by Sport Chek for all the goods, gear, and goose-down filled jackets you will need to hit the slopes! 

Great clearance deals can be found on almost everything you need to make you Winter vacation stylish. 
A forest of mitts, gloves and touques! 

Jackets and snow pants in vibrant colours 

For the tried and true sports fiend there are bindings, boots, and boards to buy in every shape colour and size! 

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