Thursday, 7 March 2013

Showcase Showdown!

Many of us can remember the days of staying home sick from school, where we spent the day watching daytime television until we felt better. What was born into us ( at least some of us)  in those days was an undying love of afternoon game shows.  And what game show has had more a lasting effect, and far reaching effect than that of The Price is Right.

Testing your retail savvy, the game took knowing your prices to the next level. Games like Pinko, and the mountain climber taught you to count every penny (which until recently, mattered!) and every game rose to the crescendo of the Midtown Plaza Showcase Showdown! An amalgamation of luxury goods, trips, cars and items that had our tongues wagging. Get the price right, and it would all be yours..

So, this week in honor of that game show (which just so happens to be coming to Saskatoon March 13th at TCU Place) and in order to test the retail knowledge of our savvy shoppers, Midtown Plaza is having our own Showcase Showdown! With TWO chances to win!

We created our own showcase in the display case at Guest Services, pulling looks and accessories from RW& Co., Boathouse, Spareparts, and Aldo to create a date night outfit for a stylish couple!

Our retail Showcase located at our Guest Services Desk !

Ladies' attire provided by RW&Co., Aldo, and Boathouse 
For the guys! Aldo, Spareparts, and RW&Co. 
The showcase in more detail... 

How to enter?  Take a guess either online at our Facebook page (remember to like and share our Showcase Showdown album) or come on down to Midtown Plaza and take a look at the showcase in person, and enter a guess in our ballot box! If you get the closest to the actual retail price, without going over- you could walk away with a $50 Midtown Plaza Gift Card. 

So, blog readers- COME ON DOWN! 

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