Thursday, 21 February 2013

February fashion!

This time of year if you aren't escaping the winter chills or at least dreaming about doing so, you have to do something to occupy yourself. Only so many hours can be spent at home huddled under a blanket. Stimuli must be sought out. That's why, thankfully, our prayers have been answered. New stock is arriving daily in time to shake us from the winter doldrums and satiate our hungry eyes.

One of the greatest ways to cure this specific case of "winter blindness" is to feast your eyes upon fresh spring colours. Nothing is dominating store windows and demanding attention like the addition of mint to every aspect of you wardrobe.

Mint shoes; Town Shoes 

Even guys can look fresh with mint pants from Guess 

Ladies- Envelope yourselves in a mint scarf; Guess 

Or- perhaps one from Le Chateau!

Fresh, crisp and perfect for business- Mint blazer from Le Chateau 

If mint doesn't tickle your fashion senses, there's always your taste buds to pleasure; Frosted Mint Chocolate- Laura Secord 

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