Monday, 29 October 2012

Window Shopping...

Andy Warhol, before he rose to prominence as the world famous tomato soup can artist, created window displays for the Bonwit Teller Department store. By this fact alone there is no question that creating a window display takes artistry. It takes vision; it needs to be inviting and eye catching. It must draw the customer in, create a story, and showcase the merchandise they want to sell. The store window must blend the lines of fantasy and merchandise, dreams and commerce. But, mostly it has to be pretty. Andy Warhol did it, and so have the window artists for a number of stores within Midtown Plaza.

One of the most intriguing walks you can take in the mall involves checking out the fabulous displays stores create in their windows.Best of all, it's free! Although after looking through these windows, you'll be tempted to buy, buy, buy!  If showcasing is an art form and these stores have mastered it.


One of the most eye catching windows in the mall is Guess's store front window display. Large printed photographs of Guess' signature sad-faced models laden in sensuality in conjunction with the moodier hues of their collection makes for an eye-catching window. And once you take a second look, you'll head in store for more.

Melanie Lyne: 

This window says it all. What is more eye-catching or wallet-pleasing than 50% off? 

The all white backdrop with crisp clean shovels is gives a subtle nod to the winter season, and makes the small scale (but sparkly non the less) merchandise pull you in. A little goes a long way with trinkets this attractive. 

Warhol approved 


Bright white backdrops present a bouquet of footwear in shapes and style that make you mouth water. Ever changing these pyramids of pedestrian pleasure make you ponder if it is even possible to have too many pairs of shoes?


Speak of the devil! With a nod and a wink to the famous artist, Sephora's window front showcases their NARS Andy Warhol line of cosmetics. With the Warhol flower, and famous silk-screened images, this window front does indeed- Pop!

The Bay: 

Looking for fashion inspiration? Then look no further than the mannequins inside The Bay. These stylish statues are donning the latest looks from the superior range of labels carried in store. While it's not exactly a window front, coordinating outfits of this quality takes an artist's eye.

Monday, 22 October 2012

High/ Low: Checkmate!

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 

 Pattern. We live our life by it. We create it. We dress in it. It is a universal fact of life that no matter what we will encounter pattern. What type, is completely up to us. Every season, it seems fashion designers pick a pattern and run with it. With Paris Fashion week not far behind, one of the most interesting use of pattern was in the checked ensembles on the Louis Vuitton runways. Designer Marc Jacobs, who so cleverly incorporated stripes into his label's preview in New York, gave a nod fashions past, and a foreshadowing of our, apparently, checkered future. 

Louis Vuitton checkered coat; Price: ??

The beautiful thing about fashion is (besides the clothes themselves, that is) that it possesses a trickle down effect. It is not necessary to spend incredible amounts of money to get a designer look. Especially when those designer labels have chosen such an imitable palette. Already, we see that some affordable labels are displaying the checkered motifs in their collections. 

While a Louis Vuitton coat and skirt combination outfit abide by the rule of  "if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it" it is safe to assume that even their ready to wear collection would cost well into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. These outfits however, are accessible, affordable, and dare we say just as stylish? Check and mate! 

Nothing creates a classier winter ensemble than the incorporation of hounds-tooth  the geometrically imperfect cousin of the checker. A hounds-tooth blazer,or purse from Le Chateau reminds us of the Louis Vuitton coat, but for a fraction of the cost. 


Le Chateau blazer; $150.00 

Taking the checkered pattern in stride? Check out these fashionable pants from Le Chateau. (Get it?)  

Le Chateau: $79.95

   Guess has an entire portion of their latest collection devoted all things houndstooth. Creating funky fashions by playing with the traditional regimented pattern delivers a check mark on the fashion score sheet. From dresses to outwear, there is hardly an occasion to not deck out with checks!

Guess Dress,  $98.00 

Guess jacket,  $79.00 

These checkered fashions, I imagine, will be sticking around for some time to come. And while not everyone can fly off to Paris for a private fitting with a legendary couturier, anyone can find these fashions and more in our very own Midtown Plaza. Because, as we've proven here,  you can put a price on style. 

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Staples

A carpenter needs tools. A painter needs brushes. In the same vein a fashionista needs her staples; her go-tos. Those "must have in your closet at all times" type of clothes  Those under appreciated,  over worked, incredibly wearable items that keep you from screaming "I have nothing to wear!" in the five minutes before you leave the house for work, or dinner, or a gossip session at your best friend's house. They are simple and stylish, and a must have staple in your closet all year round.

So, we start our weekly featurette with the unsung hero of our staple wardrobe: The White Button-up. 

Perfect for dressing up or down. Versatile enough to lunch it-up business style, wear shopping on a Sunday, or hit the town on the weekend, the white button-up is like a chameleon in it's ability to blend in.

Dress it up, or dress it down, there is nothing that you can't do with one.

Suzy Shier, $22.00 

  Pair this staple with a vest to make it pop. Roll up the sleeves and wear with a pair of jeans, and your Sunday shopping just got a whole lot more stylish! 

Melanie Lyne, $95.00 

Melanie Lyne offers up a tailored and crisp white button up; surely a staple for any closet. 

Le Chateau, $59.95

Melanie Lyne, $110.00 

One of the hottest and most wearable trends, a suitable to become a closet staple along the lines of the tailor white Oxford, is the white tunic. Shapeless or shear; flowing, or uniform, the tunic is here in a big way. Wear it to the office, out to dinner, or any where really! It's stylish enough to turn heads, but blends seamlessly into your wardrobe. It's the type of shirt that commands compliments, but won't be noticeable when you wear it to practically everything. 

So fill up you closet, stock up on staples, and check out these finds and more in store at Midtown Plaza! 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Get the Look: Michelle Obama

        Imitation, it is said, is the most sincere form of flattery. So, then recreating the most fashionable styles from around the globe must be doubly so.Outfitting yourself with the look of a famous fashion plate is flattering not only for them but also yourself. Today, the lines that dictate  high and low fashion are blurred. The ability to attain a certain look is no more dependant on budget than it is on imagination. Achieving a style, and preparing an outfit is just as simple at Midtown Plaza as it is in New York or Paris.

(photo: Vogue) 

          Michelle Obama is the one of the most powerful women in the world, and she looks the part. Her ensembles parlay that fact to others without going overboard. No pant suits, no shoulder pads, no granny floral. America's First Lady sticks with flattering, structured dresses that are age and function appropriate while still displaying her femininity. Which is, after all, one of her most powerful assets. 

Speaking at the Democratic National Convention wearing a graphic print Diane von Furstenberg dress with a structured top, and a flowy skirt, Mrs. Obama takes on the popular black and white colour combination with an edgy Mondrian-esque print. 

(Dress:  Le Chateau, $ 169.00  ) 

With this item from Le Chateau in Midtown Plaza, we see similarities to that of the First Lady's. Mainly, the ever chic black and white combination, with elegant waist, structured skirt, and layered panelled top. This versatile ensemble is sensible for fall time weddings, and should carry you through Holiday party season. And all for a fraction of the cost!

C'est Magnifique Mannequin!   Le Chateau window display in Midtown Plaza 

If Cinderella has taught us anything, you can never put enough emphasis on a good pair of shoes. Therefore shoe lovers should look no further than these eye pleasers: 

Ivanka Trump; $169.00 The Bay 

Simple, classic, stylish. Suitable enough to wear to work, dressy enough to wear out, and classic enough to stay stylish forever. 

Even if you're not the First Lady, you can always dress to be Fashion First! 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Fashion First, Forum First

        Autumn: a time when the falls breezes blow, students head back to school, and our Vogue magazine triples in size. All in all it's the perfect time to update, spruce up, or overhaul the entirety of your wardrobe. But where to start? Well, the Midtown Plaza of course! (Really, would we suggest anywhere else?) So, since, to paraphrase Candy Pratts Price "(It) is the January of fashion." and because this is our inaugural posting on Midtown Plaza's Fashion Forum we present you with what you'll need to awesome-ize, maximize, and stylize your favourite Autumn looks.



Season after season,  have the leaves been wearing this hue. So in much the same way, we are telling you to follow suit. Prepare to pop a bit of this colour in a pair of burgundy jeans, a jacket, or a suede slipper. Like the wine that shares its name, this fall fashion staple will only get better with age. Lasting through this season, and all the way till spring.

Slip on a pair of burgundy velvet trousers from Melanie Lyne

For a more formal occasion try on the season's hottest hue in a structured dress from Le Chateau

Or, participate in the trend by outfitting yourself with sumptuous accessories from Guess 


(Alexander McQueen, Fall/Winter 2012)

Every so often spring collections feature floral patterns, and it makes great sense. Darling buds of May lend themselves to a bouquet of patterns and colours  Fall florals however? Less conventional,  but they pack an unexpected punch none-the-less. Darker, more geometric, and trendier patterns are appearing. Great for adding a splash of colour into an ensemble, and even better for the pocket book. Those floral patterns you purchased in spring? Still wearable! Layer under denim or leather jackets, or with chunky fall knits. Miss the boat in the spring? Catch end of season change over sales and stay on trend!

Darker floral patterns are sure to keep you looking hot for fall; Le Chateau

Funky floral pants on sale at Guess 

Darker peplum style dress from Suzy Shier

Be Bold: 
Melanie Lyne 

Yes, burgundy is a colour, and florals can display colour in bursts, but what is holding over (and has been seen season after season) is bold colour blocking. Mustard, turquoise, lavender, and peacock shades continue to dominate the market, and space on your person. Large blocks of colour (jackets, sweaters, and pants) showcase these colours and make others take notice. Not feeling so adventurous? Play up the wow-factor of your accessories. Scarves in bright hues, or bags in a signature shade, can keep you fashion first this fall.

Fashion Favorite: Mustard blazer from Bryan's Fashions

Bright burst of neon pink, a great jacket from Mexx 

Say it with sequins; bold jacket from Melanie Lyne