Thursday, 28 February 2013

Behind the Scenes...

Last week, long before the sun was to rise, Midtown Plaza's marketing team along with ad agency Createbyfaith were hard at work on the Spring fashion campaign for Midtown Plaza. It seems a little early to be uttering the word Spring, but inside the photo shoot- Spring colours were everywhere you looked. After hours of strategy meetings, concept ideas, and the careful culminating of outfits by the Createbyfaith team;  all these different aspects align themselves in one (very long) day.Working with stylists from  the models were camera ready and ready to *leap* into Spring.

In past years seasonal campaigns have been black and white; allowing the models to pop from the background and showcase the clothes, like in some of our favorite shots below

Fall 2009 

Holiday 2009 

Fall 2010 

In Spring 2013, however, we are are seeing a whole lot of colour. Literally. Shifting from black and white to eye-popping colour the new ad campaign for Midtown is sure get your attention. Take a look at these behind the scenes shots of the process, and the Monaco Blue, Emerald, and Poppy Red hues dominating Spring fashion. 

Monaco Blue

Poppy Red 

What do yout think of the new direction for Midtown? Hit the comments below!

And be sure to watch for the debut of our new campaign springing up everywhere April 1st.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

February fashion!

This time of year if you aren't escaping the winter chills or at least dreaming about doing so, you have to do something to occupy yourself. Only so many hours can be spent at home huddled under a blanket. Stimuli must be sought out. That's why, thankfully, our prayers have been answered. New stock is arriving daily in time to shake us from the winter doldrums and satiate our hungry eyes.

One of the greatest ways to cure this specific case of "winter blindness" is to feast your eyes upon fresh spring colours. Nothing is dominating store windows and demanding attention like the addition of mint to every aspect of you wardrobe.

Mint shoes; Town Shoes 

Even guys can look fresh with mint pants from Guess 

Ladies- Envelope yourselves in a mint scarf; Guess 

Or- perhaps one from Le Chateau!

Fresh, crisp and perfect for business- Mint blazer from Le Chateau 

If mint doesn't tickle your fashion senses, there's always your taste buds to pleasure; Frosted Mint Chocolate- Laura Secord 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Destination: Vacation!

Birds of a feather flock together, and at this time of year that flocking is typically directed to far away locals. Whether it's to escape to glorious heat, or make the most of that frozen white stuff, February break is a time when family's take off for rest and relaxation. But, before you get ready to frolic on those beaches or careen down those mountains, there are things you need to pick up. Thankfully you can get all of them right here in Midtown Plaza!

F2/ Jock shares our sentiments.. 

Although the ground may be covered with snow, the styles inside are warm weather ready! 

Stylish swimwear, cover ups and more for the whole family are in store at Swim Co.  

More than just swimwear, SwimCo. has all the accessories you and your family need for a memorable vacation. 

If your February break is more inclined to see you jetting down a mountain, rather than jetting off to Mexico, then be sure to stop by Sport Chek for all the goods, gear, and goose-down filled jackets you will need to hit the slopes! 

Great clearance deals can be found on almost everything you need to make you Winter vacation stylish. 
A forest of mitts, gloves and touques! 

Jackets and snow pants in vibrant colours 

For the tried and true sports fiend there are bindings, boots, and boards to buy in every shape colour and size! 

Monday, 11 February 2013

The Season of Love

Valentine's themed gifts; Papyrus 

There seems to be a special magic in the air this time of year. Maybe it's the vibrant red against the white backdrop of snow, or the hearts in every store window; maybe it's the compounded side effects of cabin fever accumulated after a long, cold winter, that makes every little holiday feel more and more momentous. Or maybe, just maybe, it's just that you're in love and you don't care who knows it.

So whether you're buying diamonds for you truest true love, a special something for a good friend, or something fun for your cat- this Valentine's Day- Midtown Plaza has got you covered. With our vast selection of stores and services even the most clueless of Valentines can find something to speak to their beloved's heart.

It may be true that the road to love, like elsewhere, is paved with good intentions. But, on an occasion such as Valentine's, it's not only the thought that counts. Make this day extra special by going the extra mile and whipping up a culinary creation to rival that of a master chef. Find a guide for this endeavor at Cole's books, who offer up some creative and spicy (in more ways than one) cook books for you to experiment with.

Cook up some Romance with these sinfully delicious cookbooks... 

If a dinner isn't appetizing to you or your date, or perhaps you'd prefer to give something sweeter, Laura Secord chocolate says both "I love you" when given as a gift, and "who needs love when you have chocolate" when purchased and consumed by you and you alone. 

Sweet treats for your sweetheart. 

If fashion is their forte, guys and gals need to look no further than this bountiful array of gifts, suitable for any Valentine. 

Show his favorite team a little love this Valentine's Day; Jersey City 

If you like it, then you should put a cap on it; Jersey City 

Wrap her in the warm embrace... of a new scarf from Spare Parts 

If something soft and snuggling is more their style, perhaps you can cozy up with a special friend from Build-a-Bear Workshop... 

See anything perfect for your Valentine? Feeling inspired by these selections? Hit the comments below! 

Happy Valentine's Day!