Friday, 28 February 2014

Spring Fling!

Your thermometer might say otherwise, but Spring is right around the corner. And though the sun's bright rays probably won't be blessing us with their thawing warmth just yet, it's always nice to be prepared. A base tan has never seemed so essential.

A Spring fling is exactly what a person needs after these long months in a deep-freeze Winter. What better way is there to introduce yourself to the (hopefully) forthcoming Spring weather than by flying off to far flung tropical locals. There is no better way to beat the Winter blues than by doing a little damage to your credit card and booking a flight ASAP. In droves Saskatoon is lining up at security checks, ready to head off for greener pastures

Along with those flights it's a must have to purchase the right ensembles. Thankfully, at Midtown Plaza we have Swimco. Which offers up an amazing, appealing and expansive selection to make your holiday wardrobe a hit.

Ladies, check out their selection of amazing one-piece suits!

Dudes! Get ready to hit the beach in neon colours - board shorts in brilliant hues and make it a tropical gun-show with a neon printed tank! 

It's not just swimwear! Need shoes? Flip Flops? A snorkel? (Who doesn't look great in a snorkel?) 

The best part about Swimco is that their pieces are sold individually so you can mix and match tops and bottoms! 

Fringe is in! And get on board with technicolor!

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Wear Your Heart on your Sleeve...

The first Valentine was sent in England during the 18th century. Alongside the sentiment and postage, this event culminated in the establishment of not only the greeting card industry but also the ideas and sentiments behind the modern day interpretation of Valentine's Day. It has become the fashion, over the past few centuries, to proudly and ornately express your feelings of courtly love to whomsoever you are dating in a very public, very tangible way. These days celebrations of love exist all around us. And one of the most popular ways of expressing said love is by wearing it. Literally putting your heart on your sleeve. That's why people dress up for special occasions - to make the best effort to look good and Valentine's Day is no different!

So here are a few Valentine's Day fashions that will make anyone's heart go pitter-patter!

Little hearts, big style - Suzy Shier 

Say it with your waist - Love Belt; Suzy Shier 

Monogrammed Hearts - Suzy Shier 

Pair polka-dots with a pop of red on your lips and pucker up! - Suzy Shier 

Red on red on red - Classic sweater/shirt combo from RW & Co. 

Give a subtle, striped nod to Valentine's with this little number - Suzy Shier 

Are we missing out on essential Valentine's Day fashions? (Besides the ice cream stained pajama pants and Bridget Jones hair do) What are you wearing this Valentine's Day? 

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