Thursday, 20 June 2013

Going to the Chapel...

So you may not be getting married this summer, and for that matter you may not even be going to a chapel of any kind. But what is far more likely is that you will have to attend at least one event this summer where you will be expected to take off  your flip flops and jean shorts, and actually look presentable. And I mean presentable presentable. Like presentable to your grandmother presentable. Not like "at work on a Tuesday and who cares if I wore the same pants on Friday" presentable. Real presentable.

What makes dressing for summer events difficult is contending with the elements. Wind, rain, heat, sun, lack of sun- and that's just the cocktail hour. Depending on what your attending, dressing for the elements is just as hard to decipher as what exactly "resort wear chic" listed on the invitation actually means. But not only that, dressing to impress is just as difficult. Heaven help you if you show up wearing the same thing as someone else! *shivers* But, that is why we are here to help!

If you're a lady, and not the center of attention (and not even in the periphery of attention) are are attending a function where pants just won't do, you may opt to up the cool-factor and don a little denim, or play with the asymmetrical appeal of the high-low skirt.

Jacket and floral dress; Bryan's Fashions 

Asymmetrical high-low dress; Bryan's Fashions 

If eyes are going to be on you on the big day (family pictures, a speech, a toast etc.) and the dress code is seemingly formal, then you make want to up the ante and go with a more glamours cocktail dress (ie. buy the one with the shiny things attached.) 

Intricate lace number; Le Chateau

Frilly and fabulous; Bryans Fashions 

What you should never be afraid of, when attending a function like a wedding or graduation, is the possibility of standing out. However you want it to be for the right reasons. Wow those around you by daring to try something different. Step outside the box. Play with pattern, colour, shape and style

Be bold in a bright patterned full skirt; Bryan's Fashions 

Go long! Gown style summer dress; RW& Co. 

For gentlemen the monotony of the suit and tie, especially in the summer, increases the possibility of fatigue. The same old black suit just won't cut it anymore. Not when there are opportunity to join the Technicolor world at large. Whether it be a statement or a nod, the formal fashion dictates that colour is our friend. 

Go big, or go home! A red blazer says it all; Le Chateau 

 A neon surprise; Le Ch√Ęteau 

Hey- grey is still a colour and a bunch of shades of doesn't sound too bad; RW & Co.

Maybe you want to go super casual? Coloured linen is your friend; RW & Co. 

So, there you have it! Every option for every summer occasion imaginable! Now, if the guest list to each event provides no crossover- you can just buy one! But what fun is that? 

Have an occasion coming up and don't know what to wear? Hit the comments below! 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Happy Father's Day!

"A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be" - Unknown 

Sometimes it's easy o forget that a Dad isn't just someone who fixes our cars, does the heavy lifting, mows the lawn, and generally watches out for us. Which is why, I suppose, Father's Day was invented. It's a day to remind us of all the things that dad's do. Whether we ask them to or not. Whether we thank them for it afterwards or not. It's a day on the calendar, just reserved for him! Now, what are you going to do about it? 

The optimal thing would be to buy him a present, give him a gift, provide him with a token of appreciation. Sounds good, right? Except when you pause for a moment to think- what do you you buy him? On average father's rank on the "Hardest People to Buy for Scale" somewhere in between  Santa Claus and the Pope (Who are, when you think about it,  both 'fathers' - Christmas and Holy respectively) More over, you don't just want to buy just anything. You want to give SOMETHING. Something good. Something to thank him for putting on your winter tires, for lending you $20 bucks, for strongly advising you against getting that soulDecision tattoo. 

Well, don't fret! We spend the majority of our waking hours in a a shopping centre (the largest multi-level shopping centre the province in fact.) and if we can't come up with something to give a dad this father's day then no one else can! And not only that- we've also provided some sick father's day fashions that you can maybe show your dad to get him to throw any that "I'm with stupid" t-shirt. Check out our chat with CTV Morning Live for the full interview

Golf Clubs; Sport Chek 

Leather Jacket and Satchel; Boutique of Leathers 

Eponymous Rider Gear; Jersey City 

For the tech Savvy Dad; iPhone 5 from iWorld Connect 

Shirt and tie; Tip Top Tailors 

Bevvy of Watches; Spare Parts 

Our Model Floyd showing the classic casual Dad- Look; Eddie Bauer 
And here he suits up with attire from Tip Top Tailors 

Floyd's Grandson Jadyn proves style runs in the family with a casual preppy look from F2 Fashions 

For the running enthusiast Jadyn Shows off running apparel from Sport Chek 

Father and Son Duo Jeremy Dodge and Nathan show off matching outfits from The Bay 

Friday, 7 June 2013


Last week, as part of a kick off to the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival (SFDF) the Midtown Plaza hosted our first annual IN FASHION event. And now, after the tulle and the dust has settled we have time and the energy to look and back and see how it was done.

Since our slogan is Everyday Fashion First, it is only suitable for the Midtown to not only kick off the events of the SFDF weekend, but also to present to our customers, the ways in which they too can look, and feel fashion first, everyday. That's what is at the heart of our IN FASHION event. More than a fashion show, our event wanted to draw in our guests and shoppers, and present to them the ways in which  to stay in style this season (and also to pamper them with products, swag bags, and delicious treats). By holding noon hour and an after-work session we were able to present to the busy shopping crowd the best in spring/summer 2013 fashion, hair, and make-up trends.

The production of an event like this takes week of planing and organizing, that all culminated in a 24 hour period. The amazing team at SFDF had everything go off with out a hitch. The stage and production equipment was delivered after the mall had closed, and in quick succession our backdrop was assembled and a quick run through of the next day's events.

Almost there, but not quite... 

A quick run through with Rebecca King and our Model Bevan. 

Our VIP guest received swag bags packed full with Midtown merchandise

Pretty soon the stage was set. 

Our VIP section. 

Global TV's Kevin Stanfield was our host 

Fashion Designer Rebecca King presented the very best looks for Spring and Summer 

Black and White stripes are a huge trend this season 

Men are wearing short suits in classic black 

Jade is the hottest colour this season 

Tammy from Angles Salon and Spa presented hair and make-up tips 
Stylists from Angles Salon and Spa perform hair and make-up transformations. 

We would like to extend a hug thank you to the team at SFDF, Angles Salon and Spa, our wonderful retailers, our models, and those to came to watch for making our first ever IN FASHION event a success. 

Did you check out our IN FASHION event? Hungry for more? Keep checking back for more great Midtown Plaza events!