Monday, 29 October 2012

Window Shopping...

Andy Warhol, before he rose to prominence as the world famous tomato soup can artist, created window displays for the Bonwit Teller Department store. By this fact alone there is no question that creating a window display takes artistry. It takes vision; it needs to be inviting and eye catching. It must draw the customer in, create a story, and showcase the merchandise they want to sell. The store window must blend the lines of fantasy and merchandise, dreams and commerce. But, mostly it has to be pretty. Andy Warhol did it, and so have the window artists for a number of stores within Midtown Plaza.

One of the most intriguing walks you can take in the mall involves checking out the fabulous displays stores create in their windows.Best of all, it's free! Although after looking through these windows, you'll be tempted to buy, buy, buy!  If showcasing is an art form and these stores have mastered it.


One of the most eye catching windows in the mall is Guess's store front window display. Large printed photographs of Guess' signature sad-faced models laden in sensuality in conjunction with the moodier hues of their collection makes for an eye-catching window. And once you take a second look, you'll head in store for more.

Melanie Lyne: 

This window says it all. What is more eye-catching or wallet-pleasing than 50% off? 

The all white backdrop with crisp clean shovels is gives a subtle nod to the winter season, and makes the small scale (but sparkly non the less) merchandise pull you in. A little goes a long way with trinkets this attractive. 

Warhol approved 


Bright white backdrops present a bouquet of footwear in shapes and style that make you mouth water. Ever changing these pyramids of pedestrian pleasure make you ponder if it is even possible to have too many pairs of shoes?


Speak of the devil! With a nod and a wink to the famous artist, Sephora's window front showcases their NARS Andy Warhol line of cosmetics. With the Warhol flower, and famous silk-screened images, this window front does indeed- Pop!

The Bay: 

Looking for fashion inspiration? Then look no further than the mannequins inside The Bay. These stylish statues are donning the latest looks from the superior range of labels carried in store. While it's not exactly a window front, coordinating outfits of this quality takes an artist's eye.

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