Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Get the Look: Michelle Obama

        Imitation, it is said, is the most sincere form of flattery. So, then recreating the most fashionable styles from around the globe must be doubly so.Outfitting yourself with the look of a famous fashion plate is flattering not only for them but also yourself. Today, the lines that dictate  high and low fashion are blurred. The ability to attain a certain look is no more dependant on budget than it is on imagination. Achieving a style, and preparing an outfit is just as simple at Midtown Plaza as it is in New York or Paris.

(photo: Vogue) 

          Michelle Obama is the one of the most powerful women in the world, and she looks the part. Her ensembles parlay that fact to others without going overboard. No pant suits, no shoulder pads, no granny floral. America's First Lady sticks with flattering, structured dresses that are age and function appropriate while still displaying her femininity. Which is, after all, one of her most powerful assets. 

Speaking at the Democratic National Convention wearing a graphic print Diane von Furstenberg dress with a structured top, and a flowy skirt, Mrs. Obama takes on the popular black and white colour combination with an edgy Mondrian-esque print. 

(Dress:  Le Chateau, $ 169.00  ) 

With this item from Le Chateau in Midtown Plaza, we see similarities to that of the First Lady's. Mainly, the ever chic black and white combination, with elegant waist, structured skirt, and layered panelled top. This versatile ensemble is sensible for fall time weddings, and should carry you through Holiday party season. And all for a fraction of the cost!

C'est Magnifique Mannequin!   Le Chateau window display in Midtown Plaza 

If Cinderella has taught us anything, you can never put enough emphasis on a good pair of shoes. Therefore shoe lovers should look no further than these eye pleasers: 

Ivanka Trump; $169.00 The Bay 

Simple, classic, stylish. Suitable enough to wear to work, dressy enough to wear out, and classic enough to stay stylish forever. 

Even if you're not the First Lady, you can always dress to be Fashion First! 

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