Monday, 1 October 2012

Fashion First, Forum First

        Autumn: a time when the falls breezes blow, students head back to school, and our Vogue magazine triples in size. All in all it's the perfect time to update, spruce up, or overhaul the entirety of your wardrobe. But where to start? Well, the Midtown Plaza of course! (Really, would we suggest anywhere else?) So, since, to paraphrase Candy Pratts Price "(It) is the January of fashion." and because this is our inaugural posting on Midtown Plaza's Fashion Forum we present you with what you'll need to awesome-ize, maximize, and stylize your favourite Autumn looks.



Season after season,  have the leaves been wearing this hue. So in much the same way, we are telling you to follow suit. Prepare to pop a bit of this colour in a pair of burgundy jeans, a jacket, or a suede slipper. Like the wine that shares its name, this fall fashion staple will only get better with age. Lasting through this season, and all the way till spring.

Slip on a pair of burgundy velvet trousers from Melanie Lyne

For a more formal occasion try on the season's hottest hue in a structured dress from Le Chateau

Or, participate in the trend by outfitting yourself with sumptuous accessories from Guess 


(Alexander McQueen, Fall/Winter 2012)

Every so often spring collections feature floral patterns, and it makes great sense. Darling buds of May lend themselves to a bouquet of patterns and colours  Fall florals however? Less conventional,  but they pack an unexpected punch none-the-less. Darker, more geometric, and trendier patterns are appearing. Great for adding a splash of colour into an ensemble, and even better for the pocket book. Those floral patterns you purchased in spring? Still wearable! Layer under denim or leather jackets, or with chunky fall knits. Miss the boat in the spring? Catch end of season change over sales and stay on trend!

Darker floral patterns are sure to keep you looking hot for fall; Le Chateau

Funky floral pants on sale at Guess 

Darker peplum style dress from Suzy Shier

Be Bold: 
Melanie Lyne 

Yes, burgundy is a colour, and florals can display colour in bursts, but what is holding over (and has been seen season after season) is bold colour blocking. Mustard, turquoise, lavender, and peacock shades continue to dominate the market, and space on your person. Large blocks of colour (jackets, sweaters, and pants) showcase these colours and make others take notice. Not feeling so adventurous? Play up the wow-factor of your accessories. Scarves in bright hues, or bags in a signature shade, can keep you fashion first this fall.

Fashion Favorite: Mustard blazer from Bryan's Fashions

Bright burst of neon pink, a great jacket from Mexx 

Say it with sequins; bold jacket from Melanie Lyne 

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