Thursday, 10 January 2013

2013: Year of the Future

There is no denying it, 2013 is the year of the future.Although, we might not all be flying around in spaceships as science fiction (or the Jetsons) may have led us to believe, we are living in an increasingly technologically  reliant world. From iPads to Smart Phones, laptops to iPods; there are more gadgets and gizmos than you can shake a stick at. Keeping up to date, well accessorized, and protected is a full time job. Thankfully the retailers at Midtown Plaza, are with you on this journey through time, and have for you a mesmorizing assortment of gadgets, hardware, software, and otherwise to keep you tech-savy.

One of our newest retailers iWorld Connect is a premium Apple Reseller, and as such they are experts in all things Apple.

iWorld Connect sells an array of Apple computers, accessories, and software  

A literal buffet of gadgets; iWorld Connect 

From the new iPad Mini, to the redesigned (and colourful iPod touch) to the ever-favorite nano and Shuffle, iWorld Connect is your one stop shop for all the latest Apple gadgets 

Looking to make your Christmas gift more 'you'? Wanting to make sure what old St. Nick brought you lasts till next year? iWorld has you covered (in most cases, literally)by offering a smorgasbord of accessories, cases, covers, bags, skins- you name it. All designed to fit, protect, and stylize your Apple products. 

Apple essentials is what iWorld carries, and nothing is as essential as iTunes Gift cards... 

If you're looking for something that iWorld doesn't carry, or rather looking to protect all matter of devices then you should look no further than the our very own Clear Coat kiosk (try saying that five times fast) 

Offering repair on cracked screens, and troubleshooting for a variety of phones or gadgets, what sets Clear Coat apart is the protective layer of seamless translucent plastic they install over devices to guard against pesky scratches, marks, and other damage your phone, or mobile devices might incur while in your possession. 

Clear coat also offers colourful cases, covers, skins and accessories for iPhones, Tablets, and other mobile devices.  

iWorld Connect: (306)651-7102
Clear Coat: (306) 715-1411

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