Thursday, 6 December 2012


This time of year does not lend itself to simplicity. From the food we eat to the trees we trim the general consensus is the more the merrier. So then, why shouldn't we apply that to winter wear?  Pack on the (stylish) winter gear and envelop yourself in the greatest add on's of the season. Slap on a cap, wrap up in a scarf, and swaddle yourself in all matters of neck warmers, ear muffs, gloves, stoles, muffs, etc, etc. Therefore we hereby coin the term Excessorizing: the wearing of a multitude of winter accessories to the point of excess. Achieving heat exhaustion, decreased mobility or overabundance of visual stimuli in the process.


The cap. The chapeau. The head warmer... The, uh... hair ruiner? Whatever you decide to call them there are hats for everyone no matter age, style, or degree of colour blindness..

Nothing say's cozy like a little bit of fur. Fur hats (whether trimmed, or in entirety) are all the rage for every member of the family this year. Good news for those looking to stay warm and trendy this winter. Bad news for furry creatures (let's keep it  faux though..) 

(Top and Below:  Eddie Bauer, Right: Gap Kids) 

To keep those adorable little kid skulls nice and toasty this winter, the store of the Midtown Plaza have offered up a wide array of styles, from classy to cliche. 

(Left: Out of this world, Star Wars hats in Gap Kids)

West 49 has a dizzying array of hats for those hard to buy for teenagers on you list. These neon lids are surely cool enough, that they might actually wear them!

Hats from Gap Kids are a touch more adorable in muted neutrals.... 

For the fashionista the go-to hat this season is filled to the brim- literally- with chic style. Everything from jaunty caps to wide brimmed and floppy felt, this winter's hats look nothing like the toques of old. 
(Below Right: Le Chateau; Below Left: Melanie Lyne) 

Odds and Ends:

 What makes excessorizing so fun is that it uses unexpected colour and texture to turn the drab to fab. Mittens, scarves, gloves or stoles (or all of the above if you're really hardcore) are a great way to excessorize. 

(Clockwise from top: Melanie Lyne; Gap Kids, Le Chateau, The Gap, Le Chateau Men's, The Gap) 

See! Excessorizing is fun for the whole family!

See any steals on winter accessories? Are we missing out on some of your favorite winter gear? Do you think Excessorizing is going to catch on?! Hit the comments! 

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