Thursday, 24 January 2013

Eat Healthy, Be Happy!

Last week, we touched on ways to keep your New Year's resolution by looking great while working out. But, like birds of a feather resolutions flock together, and nothing seems to go hand in hand more than exercise and -you guessed it- eating right.

Maintaining a healthy diet isn't easy. Eating well takes time, thought, effort, vegetables, a rudimentary knowledge of where to stick the coin in one of  those shopping cart chain contraptions, and will power. How then, can the busy go-go-go people of the world eat healthier? Well, you've come to the right place.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard. All it takes is making the right choices. The first of which is to switch up your routine. If you go-to lunch for most of the week contains the words "with bacon" "extra large" or "extra large fries" you might want to check out these healthier alternatives.

The Midtown Plaza's food court is a gathering place for shoppers, employees, and professionals working in the downtown area. It's a bustling place, full of options to leave you sated and satisfied. If your in the habit of making the trek to our food court daily, and have also resolved to shed those extra pounds, there are still an abundance of options for you. You just need to know where too look.


Jarod Fogle didn't lose all that weight, and become a staple of millennial TV
All Sandwichescommercials by eating just anywhere. For years Subway restaurants have had healthy and tasty sandwich selections as a staple of their menu.

A pile of their most delicious sandwiches contain only 6 grams of fat, including the ever popular Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. (Which has just 380 calories!)

Umi Sushi Express

Looking for a good thing on the go? Umi Sushi's palatable portions are good eats for those in a hurry. Tasty  Asian cuisine,  with a variety of salads, and vegetable sides make are a quick, healthy alternative to deep fried fare.

Booster Juice
Lunch on the go? Booster Juice, with their near-limitless selection of smoothies (with added 'boosters') is a filling, delicious, and healthy snack. Grab one of their tasty wraps or panini sandwiches and make a meal of it. 
Superfood? You betcha! 

David's Tea

One of our newest tenants, David's Tea, sells tea of every possible flavor and combination imaginable, many of them designed to keep you happy, healthy, and hydrated.

Healthy Tea; Nine teas to keep you happy, healthy, hydrated, and balanced 

Cold Survival Kit; specially blended tea to help fight off those mid-winter sniffles 


Quick and easy, prepared right in front of you, authentic Greek cuisine is what awaits you at OPA! (Besides, it's really fun to say!) Greek Salads, and tangy skewers are sure to keep your taste buds- and your waistline-happy! 

EDO Japan

Craving oodles of noodles? Wanting to indulge yourself a little? Life's too short to deny yourself everything, all the time. But with Edo Japan, you can get great tasting, filling, and delicious meals (complete with full servings of veggies!) that are miles away from the ordinary!

So, faithful readers, have you stuck to your New Year's resolution? Will you be stopping by our food court to check out these good eats? Hit the comments below! Until next time eat fit, and have fun!

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