Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Winter Sparkle

The end of the calendar year brings about a confluence of events. Shopping, eating, wrapping, unwrapping,  bringing tidings of comfort and joy. As it happens, the great majority of these activities take place in social gatherings. Christmas parties, New Years celebrations, Holiday get-togethers etc. In turn these events put a stress on our wardrobes, and ourselves. "What do I wear?" We curse to the heavens in futility.

But worry not dear Fashionista, for the Midtown Plaza's Fashion Forum has heard your cries. And we offer these selections of suitable styles. From after hours cocktails to the stroke of midnight, we've got you covered!

The After Work Get Together

It's only natural to want to look your best. But when Christmas rolls around, your best may turn into your very best. Maybe you're meeting co-workers, connecting with friends from out of town, or finally committing to those "we only see each other around the holidays" type people that come crawling out of the woodwork. Which means there is all the more reason to dazzle them. Casual clothes with pizzazz are a must.

Masters of cool-casual: Guess 

Monochrome, multi-textured, must haves;  Guess 

Red hot! Guess 

The Christmas Party

We all have them. Whether for work, or otherwise the Christmas Party allows us to appreciate the people in our lives, celebrate time spent together, renew spirit, and reward hard work. It also closes the ranking of the office "best dressed" list.
Business attire 2.0: Flashy jacket, loads of gems! J.Michaels

Rock around the clock and a peplum to boot; Le Chateau 

Any shape size or dress; holiday party dresses at Le Chateau 

Winter Sparkle; RW&Co. 

The Winter Gala

There are holiday parties, and then there are those holiday parties. Glittery winter soirees that require the crème de la crème of holiday style.

Glitter and be gold; Cleo 

Tried, True, and Blue; Suzy Shier 

New Years Eve

They say how you spend New Years is how you spend the rest of the year to come. So why not spend it looking fabulous?

Disco-ball chic; Le Chateau 

Melanie Lyne showcases the classy to the casual in winter party attire. 

Any seasonal styles worth mentioning? What's your Christmas party staple? Are you dressing to the nines this Christmas Season? Or have you been relegated to ugly-sweater territory? Hit the comments!

Drop by Thursday for our guide for Men's Holiday Fashion!

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