Monday, 12 November 2012

These Boots were made for Shoppin'

As it is wont to do, the weather this time of year is unpredictable. Blizzard like conditions, idyllic peaceful snow falls, warm afternoons and freezing evenings, can leave you in a tail spin. How can one deal with the changes in the weather? And, more importantly, what shoes do you wear?

Thankfully, as always, we here at the Midtown Plaza's Fashion Forum have your back. Or, in this case, your feet.

Winter Boot [wɪntə(ɹ)  buːt ]: a foot covering that must be a) stylish and b) wearable and c) allow the wearer to traverse the landscape of the Canadian Prairie without 1) making them look like a total dork and 2) allowing them to break their necks on the snow and ice and slush covered streets. (Examples: See Below

When there is slushy snow, and miles of murky water crossing our paths, nothing overcomes these obstacles like some good galoshes.

No matter the hue or height Hunter's have it! 
Hunter Boots: Town Shoes 

A must for both practicality and style. The equestrian boot, in supple leather, has the height to tackle any snow bank and the look for any runway and the lack of heel enables the wearer to trudge through with nary a stumble.

Western Equestrian (Westrian?): Call it Spring

Riding Boots! Say, giddy up!
Boots: Call it Spring 

Boots, like the people who wear them come in unique shapes and sizes. 

Stay Puft? Stay warm! 
Moon Boots: Aldo 

Ruffled Boot: Call it Spring 

The Cozy Boot [ˈkoʊzi buːt]: subdivision of the winter boot category whose main purpose is to look as cool as possible by keeping feet as warm as possible. Easily identified by the use of fur, suede, felt, or wool. Great for use on a Sunday. 

A heard of Uggs (a Hugg?): Town Shoes 

Lace up Suede Platform: Aldo 

Moccasin: Town Shoes 

Strictly Business: There are boots you wear to have a good time. Boots "that'll do" in a pinch; Point A to Point B type of kicks. Then there are boots that mean business. And that business is simply: survival.

Party on top, business on the bottom: Town Shoes 

The long and the short of it;  waterproof fur lined boots: Aldo 


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