Monday, 29 April 2013

Hot or Naut(ical)

Every season has a theme, an inspiration drawn from something from the past or an imagination of the future. With spring and summer, our imaginations can run wild, and as the sun (finally) begins to shine and temperatures rise (incrementally)- more than one person will find themselves imagining an idyllic life of leisure. Everyone has done it: imagined living the life of the idle rich; summer's spent entirely at the lake, the ocean, on a yacht. For some that's a way of life, and other's it's only a dream, but just because you don't have a million bucks desn't mean you can't look like it.

This spring, thanks in part to the weather, and the resurchnage of preppy chic, it's no surprise that we are seeing hints of nautcal, yacht, and preppy fashions in many of our stores' collections. So even if, at present at least, we are still land locked, it's never to early to start dressing the part.

get your sea legs with a pair of nautically striped wedges; Call it Spring 

A boat shoes in every colour! Perfect on deck or off; Call it Spring

A preppy, fitted striped blazer is a perfect blend of business and pleasure; Suzy Shier 

Nothing says Nautical like Navy; Costa Blanca 

As preppy as possible! A fitted two-toned polo in deep blue; RW&Co. 

Sail away with a polo in every colour; Tip Top Tailors 

If the collar fits- Set sail for adventure with a Peter Pan collared blouse from Ricki's 

Earn a full salute with a striped 3/4 length tee; Ricki's 

 Are you ready to dive in to these Spring trends? Or does nautical inspiration make you feel like you're walking the plank? Hit the comments!

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