Monday, 1 April 2013

Behind the Scenes: Star Phoenix Photo Shoot

Here at Midtown Plaza we take fashion seriously. It's like out mantra. If you've ever heard our tag line, "Fashion First Everyday" you'd know for a fact that we live it and breath it. Which is why one of our favorite things to do it to play around with all the amazing merchandise our stores let us borrow. This week led us to the Star Phoenix Spring Feature Photo Shoot. Held at the luxurious Hospital Home Lottery show home in the Willows, the setting couldn't be more perfect or glamorous for our preview of Spring Fashion.

But first comes the selection process....

With so many stellar items to choose from it was nearly impossible to narrow down our choices. So, we let the clothes speak for themselves. And therefore pulled everything we could get our hands on. Bags, bangles, jewels and gem; if the store had them we pulled them. When it came down to it, we wanted to use everything, but, unfortunately we had to narrow it down to one.

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes (Townshoes and The Bay)

Bracelets, bangles, and jewels of all sorts... (The Bay, Guess, Le Chateau, Melanie Lyne, Bryan's Fashions)

A bevy of bags.. (Guess, Townshoes, Danier)

Thanks to our model Britni, everything looked so amazing, it made it even harder to choose!

We finally narrowed down our options and went with our favourite... 

The beautiful Hospital Home Lottery Showhome made everything sparkle. 

We couldn't ask for a better location! 

Almost there... 

Hair and makeup were provided by Tammy from Angles Salon and Spa. Here she gives a touch up before the shoot. 

Some last minute arrangements are made.. 

Voila! Our finished look! 

We can't wait till it comes out in the Star Phoenix Spring Fashion insert on April 26th. 

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