Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New Year, New You!

POOF- Just like that January is almost over. By now your decorations ( if you haven't packed them away already) are looking a touch ridiculous, your gym membership, craft projects,  and photo albums remain unused and in general, your resolutions have once again fallen by the way-side. But that is not the biggest deal ever, right? It seems to be a common occurrence that when it comes to making a resolution, the general populace fails to make any of them, for lack of a better word: FUN. What everyone is forgetting is that resolutions can be a lot of fun, Resolutions, new years, fresh starts, and all that jazz is a great way to try new things. And best of all you get to write off the entire experience as a resolution.

And so, here are some great resolutions that are easy to keep, fun, and all of them aided by Midtown Plaza.

Try a New Look!

The best thing about January (despite the absolutely insane temperature fluctuations and the record-breaking winds) is that there are CRAZY mark-downs of merchandise. As store prepare to usher in their spring merchandise (AKA the stuff we will buy but won't be able to wear till mid-June) the wearable, weather appropriate things are now sitting pretty at a very reasonable price point. Pick up a sweater, or six! Live a little! What is great about bargain shopping is that with a reduced investment, you can be more carefree with you fashion choices. Always wanted to try a leather jacket? Give it a whirl!

(RW & Co.) 

(Danier Leather) 

Get You're Stuff Together

Being organized means a lot more than sorting your recycling from the past three years. Being organized is committing to things that will make staying neat, together, and sane easier, and more attainable. Maybe that means  you buy a new bag, and clean out the old one. Maybe it means you invest a little in an organization station, or a journal for numerous to-do lists.

Move it, Move it!

We weren't even going to mention it, but seeing as it is the most popular of all resolutions we couldn't not mention getting in shape. To come at it at another angle, remember that looking good = feeling good. Throw away your gym clothes from the early 2000s and suit up in something a little cooler, a little more current, and a little sleeker. Nothing says "Gym Newbie" like an old pair of sweats.


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